Meemure - The Camping Paradise In Sri Lanka 

Are you passionate about outdoor adventures and spending your night around a campfire in a remote corner of the world? well, then you should visit Meemure, the old village that has been isolated from the rest of the world. But, rich with pristine natural wonders.

The village is located near the border between Kandy District ( the 2nd largest city in Sri Lanka) and Matale District in the Knuckles Mountain Range. Meemure is one of the few remote villages in Sri Lanka which is cut off from the mainland due to its natural barriers.

The village can only be accessed via an 8.7-mile trail from the nearest town called Loolawathta.

However, you will not be able to access your mobile phone network as there is no reception available in the village. The only possible way you can communicate with the rest of the world is through CDMA telephone service. Also, there is no direct mail service operating in the village.

So, it is going to be a truly exciting adventure where you can immerse yourself in beautiful natural surroundings that guaranteed to provide that authentic camping holiday experience.

Things to do in Meemure, Sri Lanka

01. Hike to Lakgala

Lakegala Mountain is one of the scenic mountain that you can climb . The journey will be a very difficult one as you will have to pass numerous natural barriers to reach the top. Once you have reached the top of the mountain you will see the East seashore of Sri Lanka with a clear view’. Throughout your journey, you will be able to see diversified tropical wildflower.

Knuckles Mountain Range (Lakagala Mountain)

02. Cave Exploratory

Nitro cave exploratory can be challenging, but something that you will enjoy if you are passionate about adventures holiday. During the colonial era, locals used this cave to produce gunpowder and weapons to battle against their rivals.

03. Camping

If you are planning to holiday in Sri Lanka, outdoor camping is one of the most amazing experiences you must try. Thus, Meemure is very unique. You will be able to set up your camping site with a 360-degree view which promises to provide an astonishing true nature experience.

Camping in rain forest, Sri Lanka

04. Mountain climbing

Meemure village is located in the knuckles mountain range. At higher elevations there is a series of isolated cloud forests, harbouring a variety of flora and fauna. In addition, more than 34% of Sri Lanka’s endemic trees, shrubs, and herbs are only found in these forests. However, climbing the mountain can be difficult, so it’s recommended to seek advice from a professional guide before you start your journey.

Knuckles Mountain Climbing

05. Swimming in natural pools

The Knuckles mountain range is richer with numerous rivers, waterfalls and natural pools. So, you will able to spend your day in a natural swimming pool with your family or friends or why not experience having river bath in crystal clear waters.

Waterfall in Meemure

In addition, Meemure and Knuckles mountain range is the home to diverse wildlife including endangered animals which only can be found in Sri Lanka.

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